Steel door press machine, door mold design

Main Configurations:

Oil Pump: Qidong

Hydraulic System: Shandong Taifeng

Main Electrics: OMRON

PLC: Mitsubishi

Steel door press machine, door mold design

1 Usage: an ideal machine for embossing steel door sheets. Has inching and semi-automatic functions.

2 Structure: three-beam, eight-column, single action.

3 Main Technical Parameters:

1) Nominal force: 30000 Kn

2) Return force: 425 Kn

3) Slide Stroke: 500 mm

4) Max. working pressure of hydraulic system: 25 Mpa

5) Max. Opening Height: 600 mm

6) Slider Speed

a. Descending: 100-120 mm/s  b. Working: 4-8 mm/s  c. Returning: 100-120 mm/s

7) Effective working table size: 1500 mm × 2500 mm

8) Motor Power: 60KW

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