Steel Door Spraying Production Line

Equipment Loading

  • Production Capacity:According to line speed
  • Chain: Adopts QXT 250double guide wheel hangign
  • Hanging Ways:Vertical hanging

Steel Door Spraying Production Line

1.Composed Device: Powder Spray Equipment, Transfer Printing Equipment, Spray Painting Equipment, Curing Drying Equipment, Suspension Chain Conveyor System, Electrical Control System.

2.Note: Wastewater treatment equipment,waste gas processing equipment is provided by customer.


Item Specifications
Spray Workpiece Steel Door
Material Mild Steel
Produce Time 8 hours per day,no less than 300 days per year.
Max.Combination Lifting Size Width 2000mm×Thickness 300mm×Height 2400mm (Max. size on line)
Heating Power Bio-particles
Spray Method Manual spray

Power Condition




Power Supply

3 phase 380V/50Hz

Single phase 220V/50Hz

Voltage Fluctuating Range ±10%

Compressed Air 0.5~0.7 Mpa
Industrial Water Pressure 0.10~0.30 Mpa
Indoor Environment Temperature -3~50℃, Humidity20~90%
Bio-particles Bio-particles value:4500kcal/Kg
Factory lighting Install lights (interior and paint spray room for the LED lights, the other for fluorescent lamp)
Gas supply point and power supply point Gas and power supply for each line one point, biological particles furnace one point
Remark All pumps and biological particles stove, fans and equipment must match to save energy.

semi automatic metal door powder coating line, security door spray coating line

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