Steel Door Production Line

Cut to length line

Steel door embossing machine

Hot press

Press brake

Shearing machine

Door frame embossing machine

Door frame forming machine

Powder spraying and painting line

Steel Door Production Line

We are the most professional manufactures for steel door making machines. We can offer technical support for the whole production line of steel doors.

The steel door manufacturing machines as follows: cut to length line,steel door embossing press machine, hot press, punching machine, press brake, shearing machine, door frame embossing machine, powder spraying and painting line and door frame forming machine for making steel doors.

Processing Flow:

Steel Coils → Decoiling → Leveling → Pressing → Cutting → Stacking → Punching → Bending → Assembling and Welding Door Panels → Hot Pressing → Cutting and Welding Door Framess → Transfer Printing → Spraying →  Assembling Door and Door Frame

Steel Door Production Line Equipment:

1. Cut to length line: Decoil, Level and Cut Steel Coils

2. Hydraulic Press: Emboss Door Panels

3. Hydraulic Shearing Machine: Shear Door Panels

4. Punch Press: Punch Necessary Holes

5. Hydraulic Press Brake: Bend Door Panels

6. Hot Press: Hot Press and Glue Steel Door

7. Welding Machine: Door Panels and Frames

8. Spray and Painting Line

Steel door production, Metal door production line

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