steel coil cut to length line, steel door automatic feeding line


Sealing Rings: VALQUA

Main Electrical Components: Schneider

PLC Programmable Controller:Huichuan

Touch Screen: WEINVEIW

steel coil cut to length line, steel door automatic feeding line

1 Composed Devices:

◆Coil loading trolley     ◆Hydraulic Decoiler  ◆Loop bridge     ◆Side guide rectifying device

◆Pinch roll & 4- fold 19-roll leveler    ◆Length setting device   ◆Cross-cut shear

◆Hydraulic and pneumatic system           ◆Electronic Control System

2 Main Technical Parameters:

Item Parameter
Material Carbon steel, GI, PPGI etc
Coil thickness 0.4-1mm
Coil width 500-1250mm
Coil I.D Φ508mm、Φ610mm
Coil O.D ≤Φ1600mm
Coil Weight ≤15T
Leveling work roller diameter 60mm
Leveling work roller distance 65mm
Leveling work roller quantiy 19Pieces
Leveling work roller material 42CrMo
Leveling feeding speed 0~30m/min
Length accuracy ≤±1mm/2m
Diagonal accuracy ≤±1 mm/2m
Leveling flatness ≤±1mm/m2
Total motor power about 70kw
Cover area (L×W) about 15000×8000mm


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