How to make steel door look like wood?

Powder coating wood grain finish is the textured finish which closely resembles “real wood”. It’s used for the security door, the steel wooden door, the aluminum profile, the file cabinet and so on.

At present, there are two transfer printing processes.

One is through brushing the transfer glue, transfer paper will be bonded. This method we call manual transfer printing. It can be heated using a powder coating curing furnace. The transfer paper can be cut into a groove shape and paste in the groove position. According to the design, you can paste the transfer paper of different shapes, patterns, directions in the same workpiece, to create a variety of stitching effects.

Another method is to use a vacuum wood grain effect finish machine. It relies on the transfer paper outside the air pressure to transfer paper firmly attached to the door surface. So this method is also known as vacuum transfer printing. Vacuum transfer printing method high efficiency, transfer pattern clear.