Steel door sheet forming machine, door sheet production line

Steel Door Sheet Forming Machine

Door Panel Roll Forming Machine

Door Sheet Automatic Production Line

Steel Door Panel Production Line

Steel door sheet forming machine,door sheet production line

1. Machine Usage and features

1) Used for forming the front and back sheets of door leaf.

2) Easy operation & high production efficiency

3) Production process: Feeding → Roll forming → Discharging

4) Single wall: used for mother door, son door, unstandard steel door with more than one sizes

Double wall: used for standard steel door with one size

2. Machine specifications

Material cold rolled steel or GI steel, flat sheet
Sheet thickness 0.4-1.0mm
Forming speed 8-12m/min
Motor power 7.5KW

3. Composed parts

1)Base plate: suqare tube (80×80mm ) welded structure

2) Transmission part: Wall plate thickness: 30mm  Gear box: 18 groups

3) Forming part: 22 groups of rollers Roller material: 42CrMo, quenched to hardness: HRC52-55,

Roller shaft material: # 45 steel, Φ45mm.

4) Electric control part

door panel sheet roll forming machine, door sheet automatic production line

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