entry doors powder coating line, steel window powder coating line

entry doors powder coating line, steel window powder coating line

1 Composed Device:

Suspension conveyorsystem: adopt QXT-250-50kg hanging type conveyor chain

Curing tunnel: u-shaped furnace structure, adopt natural gas heating and hot air circulation mode, uniformfurnace temperature, good heat preservation effect, fast heating, low energy consumption.

Powder spray booth: large cyclone secondary automatic recoverypowder spray booth, spray method is automatic + manual. It’s of high degree of automation, which can effectively reduce labor intensity in higher productivity.

Control system: the chain adopts advanced frequency conversion control. The whole line adopts decentralized setting and centralized control mode. Each operation station is equipped with an emergency stop switch to facilitate stoppingat any time.

2 Parameters: 

1. Workpiece description:
1) Workpiece name: steel door/fireproof door/steel windows
2) Max. combined workpiece specifications: L1250mm×W300mm×H2450mm

(length×width (thickness)×height mm)

2. Spray type: pretreatment (degreasing) + powder coating
3. Spray color: multiple (customer-defined)
4. Powder thickness: 20 ~ 40 microns
5. Spart part: workpiece surface
6. Spart method: automatic + manual
7. Pretreatment/degreasing: spray pretreatment
8. Heating method: natural gas heating, hot air circulation
9. Conveying system: suspension conveyor chain
10. Conveying speed: line speed is 3.0m/min (adjustable range 0.5-6.0m/min)

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