door frame making machine, door frame roll forming machine

Steel Door Frame Production Line

Metal Door Frame Production Line

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Door Frame Making Machine

Metal Door Frame Roll Roller

Hollow Metal Door Frame Rolling Mill

door frame making machine, door frame roll forming machine

1. General introduction

This machine is mainly composed of material feeding rack, rolling mill machine, cutting machine and electric control part. It is used for steel door frame forming.

2. Machine main specifications

Sheet material cold rolled steel coils or GI steel coils
Sheet thickness 0.8-2mm
Feeding width 200-380mm
Forming speed 6-12 meters/min
Mold groups 28-30 groups
Motor power 15-28KW

3. Composed parts

1) Material feeding rack

◆ No power transmission

2) Rolling mill machine

◆ Base plate: i-steel welded structure

◆ Mold material: 42CrMo, quenched to hardness: HRC52-55

◆ Wall plate material: A3 steel, thickness: 30mm

3) Cutting machine cutting mold material: Cr12

4) Electric control part

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