Door frame 45° angle sawing machine

Machine operation

1) inching: for mould installation and trial run.

2) automatic: can finish one cut action each time you press the button

3) full automatic: left and right cutter can work simultaneously and separately

Door frame 45°angle sawing machine

1 Usage: It’s used for punching shear door frames into 45°.

2 Machine specifications

Maximum punching shear force of right cutter: 300kn

Maximum punching shear force of left cutter: 300kn

Maximum input power: 4kw

Maximum rated pressure of hydraulic system: 16Mpa

Overall dimension: 1800×2500×1800mm

Mould size: 320×200×35mm (each machine has 4 pieces of moulds)

Optional: moulds with different cut shapes

3 Machine main composition

1) Machine base

2) Punching shear mechanism: mould is offered according to door frame shape.

3) Hydraulic system

4) Electric control part: manual and automatic operation, with foot switch

door frame 45°angle punching shear machine

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